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3 Risks of Using Low-Quality Frozen Dessert Machines

Producing top-quality soft-serve ice cream, gelato, sorbet, smoothies, and slushes is crucial if you want to run a successful frozen dessert shop. Avoiding low-quality frozen dessert machines and choosing only the best machine options is a great way to help you on the profitable path to sweet success.

3 Risks of Using Low-Quality Frozen Dessert Machines

1. Lost Profitability Due to Machine Limitations

Although it can be tempting to purchase a commercial frozen treat machine solely based on price, it’s a huge mistake. Cheaply made machines for frozen desserts aren’t a bargain because they typically have low-quality motors that are not powered to create products efficiently. The proper power output required is 208 – 230 volts, yet poor-quality machines may have a voltage of only 110 – 115, which isn’t productive enough to profit in the fast food industry.

Flavors Are Limited in Inferior Frozen Treat Machines

Another problem with low-quality frozen dessert equipment affecting profitability is that these low-powered machines can only provide one flavor. A few of these low-voltage options are designed to hold two flavors, and that’s a strong warning sign that they are significantly lacking in acceptable quality.

2. Lost Sales Because the Machine Can’t Handle Peak Service

Cheaply-manufactured frozen goody machines are usually made of too-thin metal, meaning faster breakage of refrigeration lines and other vital components. While even the highest quality frozen product machines will require replacement parts periodically, the low-quality versions will need much more frequent parts and repairs. This extra disruption in machine use may affect your availability in servicing customers.  

Larger-Capacity Machines Create Better Profit

Another way in which low-quality frozen dessert equipment can’t handle peak service times – such as long line-ups on hot summer days – is that they can’t hold nearly as much product as high-quality machines. This means you won’t be able to keep up with customers in times of high demand since so much less product can be produced per hour with a low-quality machine than with a high-quality model.

3. Lost Repeat Customers Due to Inferior Products

Most businesses profit greatly from repeat customers, and that’s undoubtedly true with frozen dessert shops, where competition can be high. The best quality machines create a smoother, creamier texture, a better flavor, and a fluffy product that holds its shape – qualities that keep frozen dessert lovers returning for more. Poor-quality frozen treat equipment can’t produce the correct amount of air in the product to result in consistent texture and ideal flavor.

Inferior Machines Require More Ingredients

Since low-quality frozen dessert equipment can’t provide the desirable airy product structure that the high-quality machines create, the difference in volume has to be made up by using more ingredients. The extra ingredient amounts will affect your profit margin, and you may even have to charge more for a less desirable product that will likely not warrant returning customers. This isn’t a formula likely to help your frozen dessert shop succeed!

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