Arctic Swirl Blender HDM-75A

Arctic Swirl Blender – HDM-75A

Arctic Swirl Blender

The HDM 75A Arctic Swirl Blender

Add candy, candy bars, cookies, fruit and more to your soft serve, frozen yogurt, custard and hard ice cream. With the popularity of this frozen desserts the Arctic Swirl blender was designed to produce this distinctive treat. The  3/4 horsepower mixer and spindle will blend any flavor combination consistently and quickly.

The HDM-75a Arctic Swirl Flavor Blender has variable speed control which allows an operator to control the speed of the mixing blade when blending.

Imagine being able to offer your customers the ultimate frozen treat by combining candy and or fruit with their ice cream. With its small footprint, this blender is a must for your frozen dessert business. With the addition of the other Electro Freeze equipment, this blender will make your product stand out from the others.


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The mixing shaft blends quickly and consistently without cutting the cups or altering the product.

The optional foot switch allows an operator to activate the hdm-75a blender with a touch of their foot.

Electro Freeze manufactures high quality frozen dessert machines. With their quality engineering and innovation this machine will bring a new level of efficiency and quality to your frozen dessert store. Plus, this machine uses a belt drive system, thus extending the life of use you’ll get out of it. You’ll never have to replace a motor.

HDM-75A Arctic Swirl Blender

HDM-75A Arctic Swirl Blender