Electro Freeze CS600

Electro Freeze CS600

The Electro Freeze CS600 is a high volume counter top soft service ice cream machine that delivers a consistent and quality product every time you pull the handle. With the Electro Freeze advantage you get a product that is beyond what your competition can serve. Smooth, creamy, consistent and flavorful, that is what you get with the CS600. This machine can help you increase your profit margin by providing high volume output while dispensing a consistent frozen product. The Electro Freeze CS600 uses a patented auger that reduces agitation in the mixing process which ultimately provides a creamy, fluffy product your customers will love.

This machine can be purchased with an optional stainless steel cabinet with heavy casters which gives you extra storage space.

Great product innovations and engineering along with the sturdy construction and dependability give Electro Freeze machines the advantage over all other manufacturers.

Serve the finest product available with this compact machine. It has a washable air filter that keeps the condenser clean, meaning the unsurpassed quality of the product will keep your customers coming back. If you’re interested in increasing profits without growing your expenses then you should look into investing in one of these machines for your shop. Year after year, season after season this machine will perform without breakdowns to provide consistent cash flow opportunities for your shop.

This high volume machine is a must for any ice cream store, restaurant, diner, kiosk, truck or buffet. Easy to use, easy to maintain and it makes a product that tastes great. The CS600 provides you an endless opportunity to add profit to any of the above mentioned outlets.