Gen-5400 Pressurized Freezer

The Gen-5400 Pressurized Freezer with Virtual Quality Management System

This high-volume soft serve freezer is perfect for serving lots of 2-flavor products in a limited amount of time! This machine the Virtual Quality Management System™ to help streamline your shop. The Gen-5400 includes a high speed pump and a front-loading refrigerated cabinet. This machine produces a smooth consistent product every time when it comes to creamy products like ice cream, frozen yogurt, custards and sorbets. The Gen-5400 is great for any ice cream, frozen yogurt or custard shop, entertainment arenas, stadiums or high volume restaurants serving lots of product in a short amount of time.

The Virtual Quality Management System™ monitors consistency and temperature to provide great taste and quality. The Gen -5400 includes the Electro Freeze Patented Mix Transfer System which is simply the most reliable pressurized system available on the market. With this machine, the flexible mix holding system pumps directly from bags or from mix containers, saving you time and mess. Near the top of the machine is the multi-function LED display which displays the manager smart tools. The manager smart tools allows you to set controls in the machine to help deliver a quality and consistent product every time. You can cut down on waste and mess by utilizing the self closing spigots on the machine and take advantage of the exclusive Electro Freeze auger design and low temperature refrigeration system. During non-business hours you can set the Gen-5400 to conservation mode to reduce energy costs and keep product safe during non business hours.Gen-5400 Pressurized Freezer

Scroll Compressor Technology provides increased capacity, reliability and efficiency. It contains a 2 HP beater motor.  This machine is air cooled and requires 6 inches of space by
the rear and side panels for proper air circulation.

The mix hopper can hold: two – 24 quarts (22.2 liters). The Freezing Cylinder capacity is: two – 5 quarts (4.7 liters).