Slush Equipment - 876 Freezer

Slush Equipment – 876 Slush Freezer

Need Slush Equipment for your frozen dessert shop or restaurant?

The 876 Slush/Cocktail Freezer from Electro Freeze is a high capacity floor model freezer.

This unit dispenses a consistently smooth, frozen, refreshing slush, and is simple to operate and maintain. Huge profits are the rewards from this performer.

Though this unit can be used for frozen cocktails, this freezer is one of the top pieces of slush equipment in use today.  This easy to use model delivers high quality, portion controlled, labor-saving slush, smoothies and frozen cocktails. Great for stadium / entertainment venues, ice cream stores, parks, bars and more.

There’s room to rack five flavor options on the top of the freezer allowing you to add flavors while running a neutral or cone base flavor. Provides a smooth frozen product with uniform ice crystals. This machine is simple to operate and simple to clean allowing you to focus on other duties. Slush equipment is beneficial in any restaurant or frozen dessert store because it is a high profit margin freezer that will increase your stores revenue. To learn more about this great piece of slush equipment and how it can help your profits, contact us.

Slush Equipment - 876 Freezer