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What Types of Frozen Desserts Can You Make Using Electro Freeze Equipment?

Frozen desserts and drinks are always in season. While ice cream is one of the most popular frozen desserts, the Electro Freeze frozen treats maker equipment can help you to make far more than that. From frozen drinks to different types of frozen desserts, these machines can do it all and elevate your establishment or next event and satisfy your customers and guests.

What Types of Frozen Desserts Can You Make Using Electro Freeze Frozen Treats Maker Equipment?


We offer a variety of shake equipment in both countertop and floor models. These machines can make smooth milkshakes to complement any meal. We even offer a machine that can inject flavor into your shakes so you can expand your menu options. Our different shake equipment options include the following:

  • Gravity Countertop Shake
  • Flavor Injected Shake Freezer
  • Pressurized Shake Freezer
  • Shake and Soft Serve Combo
  • Genesis Series Shake

Slushes and Frozen Beverages

With our quality slush and frozen beverage freezers, you can make high-quality frozen drinks suitable for kids and adults. These freezers can create natural fruit slushes, frozen drinks, frozen cappuccino, frozen lemonade, and slush and soda combinations you can add to your menu. They’re easy to operate and come in convenient floor and countertop designs to meet different needs. Our equipment options include the following:

  • Countertop Slush Freezers
  • Slush Freezer
  • High Capacity Slush Freezer
  • High Capacity Frozen Beverage Freezer


Our specialty equipment can create frozen cocktails for your guests and customers year-round. These machines produce high-quality frozen cocktails from a neutral base or ready-to-serve option, including pina coladas, margaritas, daiquiris, and more. We offer floor and countertop models that ensure a high-quality product every time. Our frozen cocktail-making equipment options include the following:

  • Countertop Cocktail Freezers
  • Cocktail Freezer
  • High Capacity Cocktail Freezer

Ice Cream, Sorbet, Italian Ice, and Gelato

Ice cream, sorbet, Italian ice, and gelato can all be made by hand, but you must focus on convenience when making large quantities. We offer different types of equipment that can simplify the ice cream and gelato-making process while ensuring a homemade taste and quality product.

These machines can make ice cream and gelato by the batch in exclusive flavors that your guests and customers will enjoy. We offer three different sized equipment to meet unique needs, including:

  • 12-Quart Batch Freezers
  • 26-Quart Batch Freezers

Soft-Serve Ice Cream, Custard, and Frozen Yogurt

From the popular soft-serve ice cream to custom frozen yogurt and more, we have machines that can make everyone’s favorite dessert. Plus, you’ll be able to add a lighter option to your menu by serving frozen yogurt, which is a favorite among the health-conscious. Our soft-serve machines include the following:

  • Pressurized Freezers With VQM
  • Fuzionate
  • Compact Counter Model
  • Gravity Freezer With VQM
  • Gravity Twist Freezer With VQM
  • Gravity Compact Counter Models
  • Pressurized Freezers
  • Pressurized Twist Freezers
  • Swiderki Ice Cream Machines

Arctic Swirls

Arctic swirls combine the best of two worlds: soft serve and toppings. With our Arctic Swirl world blender, you can transform a standard soft-serve ice cream into an Arctic swirl loaded with fruit, candy, cookies, and more. This blender can seamlessly combine soft serve and each customer’s chosen toppings to create a delicious dessert.

If you want to elevate your establishment and add the most popular frozen desserts to your menu, we have the right machine to help you create a high-quality product with a homemade taste. Visit us today at Electro Freeze to learn more about our high-quality, convenient, and easy-to-operate equipment options.

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