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6 Keys to Creating Unforgettable Smoothies

Smoothies are a delicious, guilt-free treat packed with nutrients. Making this healthy drink is easy, but having the right tools and know-how can really take it to the next level. Investing in a quality frozen treats maker and using premium ingredients is a great place to start!  

6 Keys to Creating Unforgettable Smoothies

1. Use Mostly Frozen Ingredients

While there’s no rule against using fresh produce in a blended drink, using at least some frozen ingredients will result in a smoother texture. Berries, bananas, mangos, and avocados are all examples of ingredients that freeze really well and that will give your finished product a thick, frosty consistency. Frozen ingredients are preferable over ice cubes, which can water down the flavor.

2. Balance Out Your Sweet Ingredients

Loading up your blender exclusively with fruits and fruit juices can result in an overly sweet drink. Balancing out your ingredients with nut butters, avocado, chia seeds, kale, or other low-sugar ingredients will not only give you better flavor but will also add a big nutrient punch. Using almond milk or other milk alternatives as your liquid base is another way to keep the sugar content in check.

3. Don’t Forget the Protein!

A frozen treat can also be a great source of protein. Throwing in a scoop of protein powder is an extra step that will make your drink much more filling and nutritious. There are a wide range of vegan and plant-based protein powders on the market if you wish to avoid dairy. Nut butters and Greek yogurt are other excellent protein sources that can switch up your drink from a snack to a full meal replacement.

4. Add Ingredients in the Right Order

Always start with a liquid base. If you’re using any leafy greens, these should go in with the liquid and be blended first, as they can take a bit longer to fully break down than some other ingredients. Powders and nut or seed butters should go in next, followed by whatever mix of frozen fruits and veggies are on the menu.

5. Pick a Superfood Smoothie Ingredient

Everything that goes into these nutrient-packed blender drinks is good for you, but there are some extra add-ins that can really drive up the antioxidant power of your favorite beverage. Powdered greens, turmeric, matcha powder, ginger, and ground acai are just some examples of on-trend superfoods that can give your drink an extra edge. A pinch is all you need, as some of these ingredients can have a strong flavor.

6. Invest in a High-Quality Frozen Treats Maker

Using the right equipment is just as important as choosing the best ingredients. A premium frozen beverage blending machine will give you consistent results each time, which is particularly important if you are running a commercial operation. Work with a reputable dealer that offers a solid warranty and technical support.

If you are looking for the very best frozen dessert and beverage equipment for your establishment, contact us today at ADI Electro Freeze. We offer a wide range of highly dependable, commercial-grade equipment. 

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