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How Does a Gelato Maker Work?

Gelato is an elegant frozen dessert that takes the standard ice cream cone to the next level. If you want to give your customers a taste of Italy without having to leave their hometown, a gelato maker is a perfect solution. A high-capacity batch freezer can not only help you make an incredible product but can help you create that product in large volume so that you never run out of everyone’s favorite flavor.

How Does a Gelato Maker Work?

A high-capacity batch freezer specifically designed to produce gelato will enable you to produce a significant volume of product in a short amount of time. While many people opt to make their gelato by hand or with a smaller device, doing so can be tedious and time-consuming and may not deliver the amount of product you need to serve a large crowd, customer base, or event.

A batch freezer makes gelato by simultaneously freezing and churning the product, which takes the guesswork out of the process. All you need to do is prepare and flavor your favorite recipe or base and then insert it into the machine and let it take care of the rest.

Creating Your Base

The first step in making gelato begins with creating your base. Bases are available premixed, but many people choose to make their base from scratch. A typical gelato base contains a combination of milk, cream, and sugar to create a custard. Unlike ice cream, which often contains eggs, most gelato recipes are void of any egg products, although a few do contain eggs. It just depends on the recipe and your preferences.

A gelato base may seem similar to an ice cream base, but the main difference between the two is the butterfat ratio. Gelato contains less butterfat than ice cream. Ice cream has at least ten percent butterfat, usually more, while gelato typically has eight percent or less.

Aging the Base

Aging the base simple implies that you let your mixture sit before freezing. This process length will vary based on your techniques and preferences and may include a form of pasteurization. Aging the base allows the flavors to meld and strengthen, which will help your final product taste that much better. Aging the base can also improve the overall recipe by making it taste creamier.

Flavoring the Base

Flavoring the gelato base is the fun part, and it’s where you get to add fruits or other flavors to your gelato. Some of the most popular gelato flavors include chocolate, vanilla, espresso, pistachio, and tiramisu, but when it comes to flavoring your gelato, the sky is the limit. Some of the more unique flavors include caramel apple pie, s’mores, and bubble gum, among others.

Freezing the Base

Once you prepare, age, and flavor your base, it will be ready for freezing. The benefit of using a commercial, high-capacity batch freezer is that it will freeze your gelato quickly and evenly. The machine will do the churning work for you, so all you have to do is pour in the product, and when it’s ready, dispense and serve. Using a batch freezer will not only simplify the process but help you create and serve a high-quality gelato that will have everyone coming back for more.

Making gelato should be a fun, simple, and enjoyable process, not a time-consuming one. If you want to serve uniform, quality gelato to your customers, a commercial machine like our high-capacity B24 Batch Freezer can do most of the work for you and help you create the best product possible. Visit us today at ADI Electro Freeze to find out more about our batch freezers and how they can make the gelato-making process easier and your gelato better.

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