What’s the Difference Between Shakes and Slushes?

People like enjoying their sweets in all different kinds of ways. Some of the most popular types of dessert put all the sweet and rich flavors you love into a drink that you can walk around with easily. We’ve got some more information for you about two of these dessert drinks, slushes and shakes, as well as how your business can capitalize on the popularity of these beverages.

What Is the Difference Between Shakes and Slushes?

A Slush

These drinks are dispensed from specialized machines that are designed to keep the ice crystals that make up the basis for this drink at the ideal temperature and texture. With that basic mixture of sugar and water serving as the basis, all different kinds of drinks can be made, with this drink’s versatility making it one of the most popular choices among sweet lovers.

Many different kinds of flavors can be added to a slush to make it a unique drink that will delight the tastebuds of whoever’s enjoying it. Fruit juices or flavors are some of the more common ways to add an extra dimension to the taste, with flavors like banana, strawberry, blueberry, or lemon being common. Some also like to flavor their slush with fizzy drinks, creating a mix of slush and their favorite soda to enjoy.

A Shake

Another popular choice for dessert drinks is the milkshake, sometimes referred to as simply a shake. These drinks take your favorite ice cream flavors and put them into a liquid form to make for convenient sipping. While you might think that you can’t go wrong with a mix of sweet cream and all of the different toppings that can go into ice cream, this drink needs to be the right texture, which is why having the right equipment is essential.

Essentially any kind of ice cream can be made into a milkshake, but the most common offerings include vanilla, chocolate, or a mixture of the two. If you want to expand the variety of flavors that you offer, you might consider options like strawberry, peanut butter banana, or lemon meringue. You can also add a variety of toppings to your milkshakes to create drinks with an added texture, with chunks of cookie or real fruit inside.

How to Make the Best Frozen Drinks

Having these and other types of dessert on hand will help your business cater to the widest variety of different tastes that your customers may have. The only way to provide that variety to your customers is to have the right equipment on hand to make a slush, shake, or anything else that your customers may be craving. Each of these drinks requires specialized tools to ensure that the quality you end up with is everything you desire.

The first-rate ice cream and frozen dessert equipment that we can provide for you will have you putting smiles on the faces of your customers in no time. Check us out at ADI Electro Freeze!

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4 Unique and Exotic Flavors to Make With Your Ice Cream Maker

In almost any flavor, ice cream is a classic treat enjoyed all over the world. As with many classic treats, adventurous dessert shops and restaurant owners are experimenting with creative twists to come up with unique delicacies for their customers. Ice cream is a perfect candidate for experimentation, so here are some exotic flavors to concoct using a quality ice cream maker.

4 Unique and Exotic Flavors To Make With Your Ice Cream Maker

1. Mango Mojito

Who doesn’t love a cool fresh mojito on a warm summer day? One of the world’s favorite tropical cocktails can easily be made into a unique and delicious ice cream. Feel free to experiment with whatever mango varieties are locally available as well as different levels of ripeness to get the balance of sweet and tart you prefer. Cool, fresh mint adds a distinct touch that gives this ice cream its distinct mojito flavor.

Mango mojito also makes a delicious frozen yogurt if you prefer that option over ice cream, and it can be made with or without the addition of rum.  

2. Miso Peanut Butter

Looking at some of our most popular delicacies, it’s clear consumers have a unique love affair with sweet and salty flavor combinations. Examples of these include chocolate-covered pretzels, maple syrup with bacon, and the classic peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter ice cream has made its way into our freezers, and you can make a unique version with the addition of miso.

Miso adds a complex saltiness that pairs well with creamy peanut butter while adding health benefits as miso is a good source of probiotics. This delicious ice cream can be served alongside a warm apple crisp to make a comforting gourmet dessert for discerning customers.

3. Red Wine Ice Cream

You may have seen or even tried red wine sorbet or gelato, but how would it taste as ice cream? It is absolutely delicious and very easy to make with a few basic ingredients. The obvious question is what kind of wine to use, and the good news is you have complete freedom to experiment with different varieties to find which type you prefer.  

As is the case when cooking with wine, a better quality wine will produce a better end product. Whichever type you choose, you’ll have a beautifully-colored velvety ice cream that’s just begging for a spicy touch of cinnamon in the recipe.

4. Sweet Corn With Bacon and Cacao Nibs

This is a truly decadent option that combines classic American flavors in one unexpectedly delicious dish of ice cream. Sweet and buttery smooth corn is complemented by the salty and savory crunch of real bacon. Rich cacao nibs round out the flavor profile of this unforgettable treat. To make it extra special, start with a proper egg custard base.  

These are just a few of so many fun and delicious ice cream experiments you can enjoy perfecting in your dessert shop or restaurant. Contact ADI Electro Freeze to find the right tools for making unique ice cream flavors and start experimenting today. 

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Gelato maker

How Does a Gelato Maker Work?

Gelato is an elegant frozen dessert that takes the standard ice cream cone to the next level. If you want to give your customers a taste of Italy without having to leave their hometown, a gelato maker is a perfect solution. A high-capacity batch freezer can not only help you make an incredible product but can help you create that product in large volume so that you never run out of everyone’s favorite flavor.

How Does a Gelato Maker Work?

A high-capacity batch freezer specifically designed to produce gelato will enable you to produce a significant volume of product in a short amount of time. While many people opt to make their gelato by hand or with a smaller device, doing so can be tedious and time-consuming and may not deliver the amount of product you need to serve a large crowd, customer base, or event.

A batch freezer makes gelato by simultaneously freezing and churning the product, which takes the guesswork out of the process. All you need to do is prepare and flavor your favorite recipe or base and then insert it into the machine and let it take care of the rest.

Creating Your Base

The first step in making gelato begins with creating your base. Bases are available premixed, but many people choose to make their base from scratch. A typical gelato base contains a combination of milk, cream, and sugar to create a custard. Unlike ice cream, which often contains eggs, most gelato recipes are void of any egg products, although a few do contain eggs. It just depends on the recipe and your preferences.

A gelato base may seem similar to an ice cream base, but the main difference between the two is the butterfat ratio. Gelato contains less butterfat than ice cream. Ice cream has at least ten percent butterfat, usually more, while gelato typically has eight percent or less.

Aging the Base

Aging the base simple implies that you let your mixture sit before freezing. This process length will vary based on your techniques and preferences and may include a form of pasteurization. Aging the base allows the flavors to meld and strengthen, which will help your final product taste that much better. Aging the base can also improve the overall recipe by making it taste creamier.

Flavoring the Base

Flavoring the gelato base is the fun part, and it’s where you get to add fruits or other flavors to your gelato. Some of the most popular gelato flavors include chocolate, vanilla, espresso, pistachio, and tiramisu, but when it comes to flavoring your gelato, the sky is the limit. Some of the more unique flavors include caramel apple pie, s’mores, and bubble gum, among others.

Freezing the Base

Once you prepare, age, and flavor your base, it will be ready for freezing. The benefit of using a commercial, high-capacity batch freezer is that it will freeze your gelato quickly and evenly. The machine will do the churning work for you, so all you have to do is pour in the product, and when it’s ready, dispense and serve. Using a batch freezer will not only simplify the process but help you create and serve a high-quality gelato that will have everyone coming back for more.

Making gelato should be a fun, simple, and enjoyable process, not a time-consuming one. If you want to serve uniform, quality gelato to your customers, a commercial machine like our high-capacity B24 Batch Freezer can do most of the work for you and help you create the best product possible. Visit us today at ADI Electro Freeze to find out more about our batch freezers and how they can make the gelato-making process easier and your gelato better.

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3 Secrets for Creating the Best Soft Serve Ice Cream

Nothing hits the spot like good ice cream. Heaped with flavor, sweet and creamy, and a prime vehicle for chocolate or caramel sauce, it’s the perfect dessert in high summer or on a cold winter’s day by the fire. But while those recipes look simple, it’s tricky creating that perfect batch of ice cream. Here are three secrets to the culinary art of making the best soft serve ice cream.

3 Secrets for Creating the Best Soft Serve Ice Cream

Start With the Best

Combine the best ingredients with the best equipment and you’ve got a good chance at making the best ice cream. Like how the quality of your water affects the taste of your morning coffee, good quality dairy, sugars, and flavorings can bolster the taste of ice cream. Think of it as the more flavor the ingredients have to offer, the more your ice cream has to work with.

A good machine also plays a part. Events have to happen in a certain order and at certain temperatures for a batch to turn out well, and if a machine can’t deliver, then your ice cream will suffer. ADI Electro Freeze soft serve machines deliver consistently smooth ice cream with traditional and low-fat mixes.

Freeze It Fast

Temperature plays a big part in ice cream recipes because it affects the creaminess of the batch. Ice cream is filled with ice crystals, and the smaller they are, the creamier the ice cream. Chill the ice cream fast and hard in a subzero freezer or try putting the ice cream in small, shallow containers instead of one large one. That way the cold can reach the center faster.

It also pays to keep air out of your containers. Air gives the moisture room to move around. If it evaporates and collects inside the container, those larger ice crystals have room to start forming up. If you find yourself with lots of empty headroom, cover the ice cream with plastic wrap or parchment paper before putting the lid on, to keep air out.

Keep It Ice (Cream) Cold

This might seem obvious, but ice cream melts. And once it’s refrozen, those ice crystals refreeze in larger clusters, making ice cream grainy and unpleasant. But it’s also a good idea to cool your mix before it’s actually ice cream. Keeping your ingredients cold means they won’t have to go through any temperature fluctuations that affect their quality or taste.

Flavorings also lose their strength in warm mixtures and churning a warm mixture means the temperature has further to drop, keeping it from freezing quickly. Also chilling your bowls can help the churning process along, especially if you have a small, at-home machine. Just make sure you start the bowl moving before you pour your mix in. There’s a chance it will freeze to one spot of the bowl instead of churning properly.

Making creamy ice cream requires precision. With the right ingredients, good timing, and a dependable machine, anyone can make their own favorite flavors. Learn more about ADI Electro Freeze ice cream machines so you can start your own delicious adventure.

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fruit in soft serve ice cream

4 Rules for Using Fruit in Soft Serve Ice Cream

So you’ve mastered your vanilla soft serve recipe and now you’re looking to add more variety to your soft serve line-up. Fruity ice creams are always a hit with the customers, as they’re cool and refreshing, marrying the tangy sweetness of fruit to the comforting deliciousness of vanilla and cream. But how do you use fruit in a soft serve ice cream maker? Read on to uncover the basics of making fruity soft serve flavors.

4 Rules for Using Fruit in a Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

1. Don’t Use Whole Fruit

You may be thinking that making fruit soft serve is a simple as adding cut-up fruit to your vanilla ice cream base, but that would be a big mistake. Fruits have a high water content, which means that using fruit whole in your soft serve will result in icy chunks of fruit disrupting your smooth, creamy soft serve. Not only is this an unpleasant eating experience, but it can also be dangerous! If you want your customers to keep their teeth, don’t use whole fruits.

2. Using Frozen Fruit

Using frozen fruit may be the easiest way to add fruit into your soft serve. Following the first rule, it’s essential that you don’t use the frozen fruit whole. Even though it’s been frozen, this fruit still has a high water content and poses the same danger to your customer’s teeth if used whole. Instead, frozen fruit needs to be macerated in order to be safe to use in soft serve.

When using frozen fruit, we recommend using berries, such as blueberries or raspberries, as they retain the most flavor when frozen. To macerate your fruit, place 24 oz of berries in a container, then add around 1 cup of sugar. You may need to adjust the recipe to ensure you’re not over-sugaring your product. Mix the ingredients together and let them sit in a cool place overnight. The next day, you should have a syrupy puree that’s perfect for adding into soft serve.

3. Using Fresh Fruit

Sometimes fresh is better, as certain fruits can lose a lot of flavor when frozen. Or maybe you have a connection with a local farmer and you’d like to showcase their produce in your soft serve. Whatever the case may be, fresh fruit must be given the same treatment as frozen to be usable in your ice cream. Macerating fresh fruit will result in a softer texture. We recommend giving extra time for tougher-skinned fruits, such as apples or grapes.

4. Don’t Use Too Much Sugar

Because fruit needs to be macerated in order to be usable in soft serve, you run the risk of adding too much sugar into your base. Over-sugaring your product will not only result in a sickeningly sweet concoction, but it will cause your product to freeze inconsistently. Sugar is a natural anti-freezing agent, so it’s important to be mindful about how much sugar you add to your ice cream bases so you get the right consistency.
While you can’t use whole fruit pieces in your ice cream base, macerating fruits will give you the fruity taste you’re looking for. Once you’ve learned to extract juices from your fruits, you can even start experimenting with adding other ingredients into your simple syrups, such as spices, vinegars, and extracts. When you’re ready to start serving your unique creations, contact ADI Electro Freeze to outfit your shop with our top-of-the-line soft serve machines today.
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4 Tips for Making Amazing Gelato at Home or Your Restaurant

There’s something about gelato that takes ice cream to the next level. It’s a refined, unique, and elegant dessert that can add a little more excitement to your dinner party or your dessert menu. Whether you need to produce mass quantities or you have a large crowd to serve, you need a frozen dessert machine like a gelato maker that can help you do it.

4 Tips for Using a Gelato Maker or Frozen Dessert Machine for Ice Cream

1. Focus on the Classics

There is something about classic flavors that make everyone feel safe. If you don’t want to go out on a limb, or you’re not in the mood to try something new, you need something known, something classic to fall back on.

Making sure that you always offer at least a few of the classic gelato flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, almond, and pistachio, can help you accommodate those who want the comfort of knowing exactly what they’re going to get.

2. Get Creative

While some people love classics, others like to try something new. Don’t be afraid to offer new and unique flavors to your guests. If you run a restaurant, consider adding a flavor of the day, week, or month to your menu to keep things exciting and offer your guests the opportunity to experience something new.

3. Invest in the Right Equipment

When making gelato, using high-quality ingredients is critical to your product’s outcome, but using the right equipment is just as important. Making gelato is an art form, so you need a machine that can help deliver a consistent product every time.

Consider investing in a high-quality machine that can help you mass produce your product. Doing so will help you maintain that homemade taste and preserve the integrity of your gelato while making your life easier at the same time.

4. Consider a Topping Bar

Toppings make everything look and taste better, especially when it comes to frozen desserts. Offering the option of toppings to enhance your gelato can help you deliver an aesthetically pleasing product that stands out from the rest. Toppings can take your gelato to the next level visually and make it taste that much better.

You can pair specific toppings to match flavors, like crushed pistachios for pistachio gelato, and those fun extras like sprinkles and gummy bears that will attract your younger guests. Your guests, children and adults alike, will remember both the look and taste of your gelato and will be sure to come back for more.

Making gelato is an art form and a science. To preserve your product’s integrity and taste, you need a machine that you can count on, one that’s simple but gets the job done, and we can help. Our high capacity B24 Batch Freezer will make your product better and your life easier. Contact us today at ADI Electro Freeze to learn more about our machines and how they can help take your gelato and frozen dessert-making experience to the next level.

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3 Things to Look for in Restaurant-Quality Frozen Dessert Machines

Want to improve the dessert offerings that your business is able to offer? Acquiring some restaurant-quality frozen dessert machines will open up all sorts of possibilities for the ways you can delight your customers. So what should you keep an eye out for when shopping for this equipment for your business? Keep these three tips in mind while you’re shopping to get the best product for your needs.

3 Things to Look for in Restaurant-Quality Frozen Dessert Machines

1. Evaluate What Your Business Needs

It almost goes without saying, but before you shop for equipment for your restaurant, you’ll need a clear assessment of what you’re looking for first. Different machines will be able to create different products for your customers to enjoy, so figure out exactly what you want to offer before buying a machine. Some options include soft-serve ice cream or frozen yogurt, milkshakes, or high-end gelato, but there are even more varieties to consider.

Beyond the type of product you want to make, there are some other considerations to keep in mind. How much volume will you be looking to make to meet the demand of your customers? Do you want a machine that will be stationary or would you prefer one that is easily movable? How many different flavors do you want to be able to make at a time? All of these factors and more will weigh in on what machine is right for your business needs.

2. Consider Buying New vs. Buying Used

When shopping for equipment for your business, you want to get the best value for your money possible. After all, every expense impacts your bottom line, and you want to make sure you’re getting a good return on your investment. When it comes to buying machinery for creating high-quality frozen desserts, part of that decision comes down to buying brand new equipment or finding an offer for used equipment.

Buying used equipment has its benefits, the most obvious being that you’ll often find a lower price for used equipment. If you have to resell your equipment, buying used can be invaluable, as new equipment depreciates in value quite quickly. However, in terms of the guaranteed quality of product you’ll get, buying new is the better choice. You never know exactly what condition the previous owners left the equipment you’re buying in if you buy used.

3. Do Your Research on the Brand

Naturally, not all equipment for restaurants is created equally. You want to make sure that the provider you’re getting your equipment from is trustworthy and respected. Choose a well-established provider, and check out reviews that other customers who have bought their equipment from the same provider left. That will give you the assurance you need that you’re getting exactly what you need for your restaurant machinery.

Once you’ve evaluated what you need in your restaurant-quality dessert machinery, get in touch with us to learn more about the quality line of products that we offer. Contact ADI Electro Freeze today!

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3 Keys to Making the Highest-Quality Frozen Yogurt

When you have plenty of guests to serve, making frozen yogurt by hand isn’t the most economical or time-saving option. The easiest and most efficient way to produce this dessert is by going big. When you invest in a frozen treats maker, a machine designed to make your product both look and taste better, and you can save time but still create and serve an exceptional product, time after time.

3 Keys to Making the Highest-Quality Frozen Yogurt With a Frozen Treats Maker

1. Invest in a Quality Machine

Just because you aren’t making each of your frozen desserts by hand in the back of a kitchen doesn’t mean you have to compromise quality. Homemade products don’t have to look homemade. They can look professional, and when you invest in a high-quality machine designed to serve your frozen dessert, you can count on the fact that you will deliver an exceptional product to your guests every time.

The right machine should help make your life easier, expand your capabilities and output, and make your frozen desserts taste amazing every time. Investing in a high-quality machine will allow you to serve the best of the best, and a lot of it.

2. Add Flavor

Everyone likes options, especially when it comes to frozen desserts. If you want to take your frozen desserts to the next level and make the highest quality homemade yogurt-based frozen dessert, you need to add flavor. Adding flavor doesn’t have to be complicated; it should be as easy as pressing a button. Investing in a device that allows you to serve different flavors will help you target and accommodate different preferences.

Whether you want to serve the traditional favorites or get creative with something new, flavoring and serving your dessert should be effortless. If you want a product defined by flavor, uniformity, and consistency, you need the right machine. Adding flavor should be easy. You should be able to add syrup and flavor with the push of a button without any complicated add ons. Such a machine can help you create the perfect frozen dessert in flavors that everyone will enjoy.

3. Use Quality Ingredients

The simplest ingredients make the best desserts. If you want to produce a high-quality yogurt-based frozen dessert, you need to consider your ingredients. Your product’s ingredients can make or break the taste and can affect the quality of the dessert. Choosing simple, wholesome, natural ingredients free of chemicals and going organic when possible can help you produce something that tastes amazing but is still good for you.

The right soft serve machine can catapult your business and help you create a high quality frozen dessert that everyone will love. If you need a machine that you can trust to help you serve quality and flavorful frozen desserts, we have the perfect options. Visit us today at ADI Electro Freeze to learn more about our soft serve machines that can make your life easier and your frozen desserts look and taste better.

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hand dipped ice cream machines

Hand Dipped Ice Cream Machines

Ice cream shops across the Ohio valley have been serving America’s favorite dessert (ice cream) to customers for generations. At ADI, we’ve had a lot to do with that as we’ve been delivering quality and reliable hand dipped ice cream machines to storefronts all across the Ohio Valley for many years. There’s a reason the most successful ice cream shop owners across the valley come to us when it’s time for new ice cream equipment or parts – because we are the exclusive dealer of Electro Freeze in Ohio. No other line of ice cream machines have consistently proved themselves in reliability and and product consistency like the Electro Freeze line of frozen dessert machines.

With the variety of ice cream offerings and frozen treats available to everyone nowadays it’s important to note that Electro Freeze makes a machine for whichever product you serve at your ice cream shop. Whether it be water ice, custard, gelato or you go the traditional route and use one of our hand dipped ice cream machines, you can increase profits while maintaining (even lowering) costs with an Electro Freeze machine. An Electro Freeze hand dipped ice cream machine will help you create delicious, authentic, creamy, consistent and flavorful frozen dessert treats like frozen custard, water ice, gelato, sorbets and ice cream. Using an Electro Freeze hand dipped ice cream machine is just the beginning benefit when it comes to creating a genuinely unique product and generating profits in your shop. Combined with ADIEF’s customer focused business-building insights we’ll help you maximize your profits and grow your customer base all without compromising your unique, quality product. Of course, we can only call your product unique and quality if you’re making it on your own with an Electro Freeze machine. To use any other machine would put your product and store at risk.  You need reliability, consistency.Hand Dipped Ice Cream Machines

You can add more customers with the right machine

Purchasing, renting or leasing a new piece of equipment for your business is a big decision – and a big risk if you don’t choose the right piece of equipment. When choosing the right piece of equipment for your shop you’ll want assurance from the distributor and manufacturer that the machine delivers and adheres to the highest quality standards and support. That’s the kind of commitment you can expect from ADI and Electro Freeze. The great thing about the hand dipped ice cream machines from ADI and Electro Freeze is that the machines are known to be so reliable that little maintenance and replacement parts are needed throughout it’s life cycle. That relates to very little down time (if any) and very little cost associated with the maintenance, repair and replacement parts. That up-time translates into more product you can produce and the more consistent your product will be.

By adding a hand dipped ice cream machine in your store you will have the potential to create just about any dessert for you customer. This means you get to be very creative with you ingredients and flavors because you’ll be making everything from scratch. Whether you want to stick to the traditional flavors of chocolate and vanilla or start producing products to match the trends like organic and vegan products, you’ll be in good hands with an Electro Freeze machine.



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The Right Batch Freezer Can Make or Break Your Business

The Right Batch Freezer Can Make or Break Your Business

If you’re in the ice cream business, looking to open an ice cream shop or serve any type of frozen dessert product in your restaurant then you know how important a batch freezer can be to customer retention. Having a batch freezer in your your ice cream shop, coffee shop, restaurant or cafe will allow you to produce almost endless flavor possibilities of homemade desserts everyday of the week using locally sourced, fresh, high quality ingredients.

Having the right batch freezer is important because the machine has to put out a consistent product every time, put out a quality product every time, be reliable, be easy to use, be affordable and most of all turn a profit for your store. If you don’t have the right batch freezer to mix, maintain, serve and freeze your product, not only will your customers notice the poor quality but you could lose money. So choosing and implementing the right batch freezers in your operations is absolutely critical to the success of your products and business.

Selecting the right batch freezer is one of the most important business decisions you’ll make in the frozen dessert industry. 

If you’re in the business then you probably know Electro Freeze machines are considered the premier choice in any high quality operation and their line of batch freezers are no exception. These dependable easy to use and maintain machines are known for their superior engineering, world class craftsmanship, and reliable performance. Electro Freeze batch freezers are not only affordable, but also a smart investment in your company’s future because the longevity of the machines and low down time is far cheaper than purchasing several mediocre machines through that same time period.

Electro Freeze offers 2 models of batch freezers, a 12 Quart (B12) and a 24 Quart (B24). Both are designed for easy maintenance and cleanup but also engineered for simplistic everyday use.

Both machines have built in water hose and faucet for ease of cleaning and filling. A large fill mouth makes adding ingredients and products a breeze. The revolutionary blade design combined with their exclusive auger design not only maximizes yield and batch run times but reduces agitation to the product allowing for a more consistent and gently blended product.

These machines are an excellent return on your investment but the real benefit is profit for your business. ADI Electro Freeze, we won’t just stop by just adding profit to your store with machines. Our team can help you maximize profits in additional ways. Whether its helping you develop menu ideas, sourcing ingredients, training your staff or promoting your store we’re here to ensure your success.


Batch Freezer - Electro Freeze B12

Electro Freeze B12 Batch Freezer

Medium Capacity Batch Freezer

This medium-capacity batch freezer produces high quality ice cream, sorbet, Italian ice, gelato, or sherbets.

  • Cam Door latch provides quick interior access
  • Exclusive Auger Design gently blends, reducing agitation and maintain product quality and consistency.
  • Auger and Dispensing Head Design leads to excellent product extraction and less flavor overlap.
  • Superior Product Quality is an Electro Freeze trademark unmatched frozen product quality through simple and effective design
  • Built-in Faucet with flex hose for fast and easy cleaning
  • Digital timer with audible alarm
  • Adjustable torque control for automatic operation/shutdown.



Batch Freezer - Electro Freeze B24Electro Freeze B24 Batch Freezer

High Capacity Batch Freezer

This high-capacity batch freezer makes large volumes and is simple and efficient, making it perfect for gelato, custard and water ice shops.

  • Cam Door latch provides quick interior access
  • Exclusive Auger Design gently blends, reducing agitation and maintain product quality and consistency.
  • Auger and Dispensing Head Design leads to excellent product extraction and less flavor overlap.
  • Superior Product Quality is an Electro Freeze trademark unmatched frozen product quality through simple and effective design
  • Built-in Faucet with flex hose for fast and easy cleaning
  • Digital timer with audible alarm
  • Adjustable torque control for automatic operation/shutdown.
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