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How Do You Keep an Ice Cream Maker Working Smoothly?

Purchasing an ice cream maker is an investment, and therefore you want this equipment to function at its best capacity and work smoothly. To maintain any ice cream equipment, you need to follow a few basic steps. The five tips below will help you easily manage your ice cream equipment and it last longer.

Clean the Ice Cream Maker

Clean your equipment properly to keep it working at its best. You should clean the entire ice cream machine after every use, including the parts that move or touch the frozen ingredients. Some models come with removable parts, which make cleaning easier, but some require a bit more elbow grease. For a better result, always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Check If It Is Overheating

A jammed paddle, strained motor, or a damaged power cord can all lead to overheating equipment. If you suspect that your equipment is overheating, you can fix it yourself by changing your operating and cleaning habits. If your equipment continues to overheat, it may be a blown fuse. An overheated ice cream machine is a telltale sign of interrupted service, so be aware of your equipment’s temperature.

Avoid Pausing

You don’t want to accidentally pause your ice cream equipment. This can cause it to stop churning and start melting the ice cream. The compressor needs to be run for a certain amount of time before it can begin freezing again, so it’s best to avoid pausing it until you’ve finished churning your ice cream. Additionally, your machine might pause if there is a jammed paddle or dasher. Always double-check for equipment issues to avoid pausing.


You must first pre-cool before you start using the equipment. This will help prevent bacteria from growing in dairy products, and it will keep your mix fresh during the production. This is also important when your equipment has a long inactive period between uses. Additionally, to keep your machine running efficiently, the mixing cylinder should have a high-quality seal. Make sure that the beaters are able to scrape the mix off the walls of the cylinder after it freezes.

Routinely Check if It Is Working Properly

In order to determine whether your equipment is functioning, look for the following symptoms. If the product has a different texture than the other products in your freezer, the mixing paddle may not churn out the ice cream properly. If this happens, you may want to replace the paddle or contact a technician to fix it. In some cases, your machine might be overloaded or the ice cream may not have the desired consistency.

We are sure these tips will help you preserve your ice cream equipment. However, with all these actionable tips, the best way to have your machines run smoothly is by using quality products. Stop by ADI Electro Freeze to see our quality ice cream and frozen dessert equipment. As the primary distributor of Electro Freeze equipment, we stand firm that our products produce the best soft-serve ice cream, water ice, gelato, smoothies, slushes, and homemade ice cream.

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