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What Gives Soft-Serve Ice Cream Its Unique Texture?

There are many types of ice cream, including hard-packed and gelato. However, here at ADI Electro Freeze, we know that soft-serve ice cream’s unique texture makes it a flexible and enjoyable treat for many. But what grants this ice cream its unique and appealing texture?

What Gives Soft-Serve Ice Cream Its Unique Texture?

A High-Quality Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker

The first requirement for optimal soft serve texture is the use of a premium ice cream maker. Low quality or poorly maintained ice cream makers can have a host of issues that can compromise the overall consistency and texture of the ice cream, leading to a poor snacking experience for ice cream enthusiasts.
Premium ice cream-making equipment is easy to keep cool, making it an excellent environment in which great ice cream can be produced. The systematic operation of these machines produces ice cream with a consistent texture and traditional swirl pattern to create a great foundation for the ideal ice cream experience.

Carefully Chosen Ingredients

Next on the list of things that give soft serve its unique texture is the ingredients used in the ice cream. While soft serve uses many of the same ingredients as traditional hard-packed ice cream, each ingredient has a unique effect on the ice cream’s texture, which can manifest differently in soft serve relative to hard-packed ice cream.

An ingredient such as tetrasodium phosphate gives soft serve its smooth and even texture. Ingredients such as maltodextrin and carrageenan thicken the ice cream, while potassium phosphate helps prevent the ice cream from changing its texture and form in undesired ways over time. Also, while soft serve typically has less fat than its hard-packed counterpart, it still requires glycerides, such as monoglycerides and diglycerides, to bind its fatty and water-based ingredients together and maintain its structure.

The Right Amount of Air

The critical and most surprising ingredient that grants soft serve its appealing and smooth texture is air. Ice cream is made using a powdered mixture that needs added water or a liquid base mixture. These mixtures include many of the ingredients mentioned above. From there, the mixture is frozen while the ice cream maker beats air into it.
The process of whipping the ice cream while it freezes creates smaller ice crystals than would otherwise be generated by freezing the mixture. Generating these smaller ice crystals acts as the final touch that gives soft serve a smooth and creamy texture. The more air that is beaten into the mixture during this process, the creamier the ice cream.

There are many things that ice cream enthusiasts must consider when attempting to craft the perfect soft serve for their ice cream indulging pleasure. From finding the ideal ice cream maker to creating an effective combination of ingredients and introducing the right amount of air, ice cream must be made with care and precision. Reach out to ADI Electro Freeze to learn more about how an ice cream maker can help you make the perfect soft serve for your needs!

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