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What Are the Most Popular Gelato Flavors?

Having a gelato maker opens up all sorts of options for flavors that you can offer your customers. Are you wondering what possibilities you have available to you when you’re serving gelato? Check out the list below for some ideas to inspire you.

What Are the Most Popular Flavors to Serve with a Gelato Maker?


The sweet, citrusy flavor of lemon gelato makes it the perfect refreshing treat for any occasion. With a sharp tart flavor that cuts through the creamy sweetness, this type of gelato has a dynamic flavor that is sure to become an instant favorite.

Dark Chocolate

Just about everyone loves chocolate, so it’s no surprise that dark chocolate gelato is such a wildly popular option. The rich and decadent flavor that every bite of this flavor packs will give anyone who tastes it a luxurious experience.


Fruity freshness makes strawberry gelato another classic choice that people love. The taste of berries has a vibe that immediately puts anyone in a summer state of mind, but this flavor is delicious enough to be worth sampling year-round. Try combining strawberry with other fruit flavors to create a unique mash-up that your customers are sure to love.


We’re nuts for the delicious flavor that pistachio gelato gives you. The subtle nuttiness that gives this flavor its unique characteristic sets it apart from any other options. This type of gelato is one of the mainstays of traditional gelato, giving you a taste of gelato history with every bite you take.


When you combine coffee flavors with the cool, refreshing taste of gelato, the result is something that you’ll want to enjoy again and again. The combination of sweet and bitter flavors that this variety of gelato creates is sure to make it a popular choice, especially among all the coffee lovers out there.


Another fresh flavor that will delight your taste buds, raspberry gelato has the perfect mix of tart and sweet flavors to put a smile on your face. Another advantage of this flavor is how well it pairs with other flavors, making the perfect addition to chocolate, vanilla, or other fruit-flavored gelatos.


Another nutty gelato flavor that is sure to be wildly popular, hazelnut is a classic that any gelato shop should offer. The exceptionally rich flavor that hazelnut gives you makes this flavor the perfect palette cleanser to follow you meal up with.


Take your palette on a tropical getaway when you get a taste of pineapple-coconut gelato. While it may not be an old-fashioned, traditional flavor of gelato, this unique flavor can give your gelato menu something special. The sweet combination of flavor notes that pineapple and coconut create will create a delicious symphony with every bite you take.

With so many great possibilities for gelato options out there, the only thing you need is the proper equipment to create these delicious desserts. We can help you out with that side of things. Contact our team at ADI Electro Freeze, and we’ll set you up with high-quality frozen dessert equipment to use!

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