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What’s the Difference Between Soft Serve and Regular Ice Cream?

Ice cream lovers typically have one or more favorite flavors, textures, and products. For many, that favorite ice cream product is soft-serve ice cream. Soft serve and regular ice cream are not the same, not only regarding how they’re served but in how they’re made, frozen, and stored.

What Is the Difference Between Soft-Serve Ice Cream and Regular Ice Cream?

Soft serve is a special type of frozen dessert that’s lighter, airier, and lacks the same density of regular ice cream. It requires a unique freezing process to give it its soft, smooth texture.

A specialty machine designed to produce soft serve works by adding more air to the product during the freezing process to prevent the final product from having the density and hardness of regular ice cream. The machine provides constant cooling and allows for the immediate dispensing of soft serve in different colors and flavors.

A Difference in Texture, Taste, and Ingredients

Regular ice cream is typically made with 20% cream and 10% milk. While this ratio may vary slightly between products, regular ice cream always has a higher percentage of milk fat than soft serve and is produced at a lower temperature. Ice cream is served directly from a container, while soft serve requires a machine for automatic and smooth delivery.

Serving ice cream requires some elbow, grease, and the right tools, especially if it is stored in extremely low temperatures, making it more difficult to scoop onto cones or in bowls.

The Benefit of a Quality Soft Serve Machine

A soft serve machine allows you to create and serve a quality soft serve product. At ADI Electro Freeze, we provide quality equipment that allows you to create and deliver exceptional soft serve to your customers. Our Gen-5400 Pressurized Freezer with VQM and our SLX-500 Gravity Twist Freezer with VQM are both slimline soft-serve machines that create a smooth, quality-tasting product every time.

Our machines are versatile, and depending on your choice, you can also use your machine to produce other frozen desserts, like yogurt and sorbet. You’ll be able to choose from a machine that produces pressurized, multiple-twist soft-serve flavors. Once you have a quality, soft-serve machine, you can easily produce a product that your customers will enjoy year-round.

Why Choose a Soft-Serve Machine?

If you are interested in adding a soft serve machine to your restaurant, college cafeteria, retirement village, hospital cafeteria, buffet, ice cream shop, or even your home, our soft serve freezers can make creating and serving this staple frozen dessert a simple and enjoyable process. These machines also allow for versatility, so you can offer more than just soft serve to your guests or patrons.

A soft-serve cone can make children and adults happier, even for a few minutes. If you want to add soft serve to your menu or facility, we can help. Contact us today at ADI Electro Freeze to learn more about our services, and specifically, our soft serve freezers that can create a smooth, consistent, and creamy product that everyone will love.

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