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4 of the Best Frozen Desserts for Large Gatherings

Are you planning a big event and want just the right delicious way to cap it off? If so, invest in these best frozen desserts options.

4 of the Best Frozen Desserts for Large Gatherings

1. Soft Serve

Ice cream is a fixture of America’s love affair with desserts, but when soft serve was invented in the early 20th century, that love reached unprecedented heights. The secret to this smooth and ultra-creamy concoction is air, which is introduced during the freezing process. With a pre-mix of ingredients and air, restaurants, fairs, and other popular gathering places have successfully delivered soft serve in large quantities to a very receptive public.

Soft serve creation requires very specific temperature settings and air-introducing processes, though, which is why it’s not sold in stores and why it can only be made with specialized soft serve machines. Modern machines can definitely serve up the goods, however, in tasty and versatile versions. You can offer ice cream, yogurt, custard, and more in this form. Plus, twist and swirl technology enables an incredible infusion of different flavors.

2. Gelato

For an Italian flair, you cannot go wrong with classic gelato. This frozen dessert contains many of the same ingredients as ice cream. Yet the quantities of ingredients and methods used to combine them make this dessert a dense, rich, and very flavorful culinary experience. Flavors range from fruity to more traditional options like vanilla, chocolate, and nut varieties.

Batch freezers available in various sizes will help you keep any sized crowd coming back for seconds of these diverse desserts that can satisfy any palate.

3. Frozen Drinks

You can’t have a real party without beverages to quench that thirst. If they also happen to satisfy a few sweet tooths, all the better. Who doesn’t have fond memories, for example, of a mundane trip turning into an unexpected treat when an enticing mixture of ice, water, and sweet goodness is placed in your hands? When the slush drink was born, children and adults alike cheered, and profits soared.

With slush freezers, groups can gather and enjoy their favorite fruit, coffee, and more in enticing drinkable form. And with a shake freezer, you can whip up a ready batch of another childhood favorite that easily carries over into adulthood: the milkshake…or its cousin, the smoothie. For those adult-only gatherings, frozen cocktails (delivered via a countertop or high-capacity cocktail freezer) can be a surefire hit. With alcoholic beverages, just remember the golden rules: drink responsibly and in moderation.

4. Ice Cream and Water Ice

We all scream for ice cream, and with the aid of a dedicated design team, you can create an ice cream station for the masses. All you need is milk, cream, sweeteners, the right equipment and team, and a whole lot of imagination. For another sure crowd-pleaser, sweeten that pot with water, fruits, and an emerging favorite known as water ice.

You have the options, and now the choice is yours. Contact ADI Electro Freeze Ohio and consult with pros that will provide the help and tools you need to make any gathering a smashingly sweet success.

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