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4 Unique and Exotic Flavors to Make With Your Ice Cream Maker

In almost any flavor, ice cream is a classic treat enjoyed all over the world. As with many classic treats, adventurous dessert shops and restaurant owners are experimenting with creative twists to come up with unique delicacies for their customers. Ice cream is a perfect candidate for experimentation, so here are some exotic flavors to concoct using a quality ice cream maker.

4 Unique and Exotic Flavors To Make With Your Ice Cream Maker

1. Mango Mojito

Who doesn’t love a cool fresh mojito on a warm summer day? One of the world’s favorite tropical cocktails can easily be made into a unique and delicious ice cream. Feel free to experiment with whatever mango varieties are locally available as well as different levels of ripeness to get the balance of sweet and tart you prefer. Cool, fresh mint adds a distinct touch that gives this ice cream its distinct mojito flavor.

Mango mojito also makes a delicious frozen yogurt if you prefer that option over ice cream, and it can be made with or without the addition of rum.  

2. Miso Peanut Butter

Looking at some of our most popular delicacies, it’s clear consumers have a unique love affair with sweet and salty flavor combinations. Examples of these include chocolate-covered pretzels, maple syrup with bacon, and the classic peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter ice cream has made its way into our freezers, and you can make a unique version with the addition of miso.

Miso adds a complex saltiness that pairs well with creamy peanut butter while adding health benefits as miso is a good source of probiotics. This delicious ice cream can be served alongside a warm apple crisp to make a comforting gourmet dessert for discerning customers.

3. Red Wine Ice Cream

You may have seen or even tried red wine sorbet or gelato, but how would it taste as ice cream? It is absolutely delicious and very easy to make with a few basic ingredients. The obvious question is what kind of wine to use, and the good news is you have complete freedom to experiment with different varieties to find which type you prefer.  

As is the case when cooking with wine, a better quality wine will produce a better end product. Whichever type you choose, you’ll have a beautifully-colored velvety ice cream that’s just begging for a spicy touch of cinnamon in the recipe.

4. Sweet Corn With Bacon and Cacao Nibs

This is a truly decadent option that combines classic American flavors in one unexpectedly delicious dish of ice cream. Sweet and buttery smooth corn is complemented by the salty and savory crunch of real bacon. Rich cacao nibs round out the flavor profile of this unforgettable treat. To make it extra special, start with a proper egg custard base.  

These are just a few of so many fun and delicious ice cream experiments you can enjoy perfecting in your dessert shop or restaurant. Contact ADI Electro Freeze to find the right tools for making unique ice cream flavors and start experimenting today. 

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