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What’s the Difference Between Shakes and Slushes?

People like enjoying their sweets in all different kinds of ways. Some of the most popular types of dessert put all the sweet and rich flavors you love into a drink that you can walk around with easily. We’ve got some more information for you about two of these dessert drinks, slushes and shakes, as well as how your business can capitalize on the popularity of these beverages.

What Is the Difference Between Shakes and Slushes?

A Slush

These drinks are dispensed from specialized machines that are designed to keep the ice crystals that make up the basis for this drink at the ideal temperature and texture. With that basic mixture of sugar and water serving as the basis, all different kinds of drinks can be made, with this drink’s versatility making it one of the most popular choices among sweet lovers.

Many different kinds of flavors can be added to a slush to make it a unique drink that will delight the tastebuds of whoever’s enjoying it. Fruit juices or flavors are some of the more common ways to add an extra dimension to the taste, with flavors like banana, strawberry, blueberry, or lemon being common. Some also like to flavor their slush with fizzy drinks, creating a mix of slush and their favorite soda to enjoy.

A Shake

Another popular choice for dessert drinks is the milkshake, sometimes referred to as simply a shake. These drinks take your favorite ice cream flavors and put them into a liquid form to make for convenient sipping. While you might think that you can’t go wrong with a mix of sweet cream and all of the different toppings that can go into ice cream, this drink needs to be the right texture, which is why having the right equipment is essential.

Essentially any kind of ice cream can be made into a milkshake, but the most common offerings include vanilla, chocolate, or a mixture of the two. If you want to expand the variety of flavors that you offer, you might consider options like strawberry, peanut butter banana, or lemon meringue. You can also add a variety of toppings to your milkshakes to create drinks with an added texture, with chunks of cookie or real fruit inside.

How to Make the Best Frozen Drinks

Having these and other types of dessert on hand will help your business cater to the widest variety of different tastes that your customers may have. The only way to provide that variety to your customers is to have the right equipment on hand to make a slush, shake, or anything else that your customers may be craving. Each of these drinks requires specialized tools to ensure that the quality you end up with is everything you desire.

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