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5 Tips for Maintaining a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft serve ice cream is the ultimate summer dessert that’s always sure to draw a crowd. But few things disappoint a person like making the trip for a delicious cone of creamy soft serve only to discover that the machine is down. If your business uses soft serve machines, periods of downtime hurt your profits and your reputation, so you want to do everything you can to minimize them.

5 Tips for Maintaining a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

1. Start With the Best Equipment

Purchasing the highest quality equipment makes maintenance easier, and Electro Freeze equipment is unmatched. The father-son duo, H.C. Duke, created the first pressurized soft-serve freezer for Dairy Queen in 1946 before purchasing Electro Freeze in 1969 and expanding their market to other shops. For over 50 years, our equipment has made the best frozen desserts in the world!

2. Clean Regularly and Thoroughly

Your soft serve machine should be disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, and sanitized daily for the highest quality product and the longevity of the machine. Always consult your operating manual for the specifics of your machine, but the process is generally similar between devices.

Deactivate the machine and drain excess product before using cool water to rinse until the water runs clear. Detach and clean any moving parts, wipe all surfaces, and sanitize the machine. If your machine has a wash mode, be sure to activate it to prevent freezing water from causing damage.

3. Don’t Neglect the Condenser

The condenser carries heat away from the unit, and neglecting the condenser can result in a broken-down machine, especially on hot days, which tend to be some of the best days for ice cream sales. If your machine uses a water-cooled condenser, make sure it has cool, clean water. If its condenser is air-cooled, ensure the machine has proper clearance for good airflow.

Air-cooled condensers also have a condenser filter that needs to stay clean to properly disperse hot air. Check the filter periodically, and if it’s dirty, gently clean it with a brush, towel, or vacuum. Rinse it with warm water and let it dry before returning it to the machine.

4. Lubricate the Right Parts

Your operator’s manual will identify important moving parts that need to be lubricated. As part of your daily cleaning routine, make sure to use a food-grade lubricant on these parts before reassembly. This will keep your machine running smoothly and extend the life of its moving parts.

5. Keep a Stock of Important Replacement Parts

Frequently inspect the machine and replace any worn or damaged parts, keeping a stock of key components. Parts like O-rings, belts, gaskets, and scraper blades can wear out and put your machine out of commission temporarily. Neglecting gaskets and o-rings can lead to ice cream reaching the internal components of a machine and result in a permanent breakdown.

ADI Electro Freeze carries only top-quality brands and parts and our service can ensure minimal downtime for your machines. We have the greatest expertise in the midwest region.

Whether you’ve been in the soft serve business for years or you are looking to add a machine to your business, we have everything you need. We service and distribute electro freeze equipment, help set up stores and menus, and provide staff training. Contact ADI Electro Freeze today if you’re ready to sell the best-tasting soft serve product on the market.

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